Guitar Lessons

Be taught guitar by the winner of Europe’s biggest guitarist competition.
Simon provides one-on-one guitar tuition for people of all ages and backgrounds who share one common interest – the guitar.
His expert tuition enables you to develop practical guitar skills and become a rounded guitar player whilst teaching you the things you want to learn.
This approach ensures students develop far more quickly than they would do otherwise because they have a fantastic enjoyment of the instrument and drive to learn.
Simon has successfully taught hundreds of guitarists including several guitar teachers since he began his teaching career in 1988.
One-to-one guitar tuition
Acoustic, electric and bass
Beginner to advanced
Advanced lead guitar specialist
Setting up your amp and FX pedals
Tailor – made lessons to suit you
Over 29 years teaching experience
Restringing and basic guitar set-ups
Lessons available six days a week

“I now play in a band, record solo albums and produce music – all thanks to Simon’s guidance!” – Luke Hatton, Cloven Hoof

Simon aims to get you through the basics and on to playing songs thoroughly and with the minimum amount of fuss.
Once a basic level has been attained, it is then up to the student to decide how they want to progress.
You can choose to learn your favourite songs, expand your theory knowledge or study grades with a view to passing exams. It’s up to you – you’re the boss!

Lesson Availability:
Mon – Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat: 10am-7pm

Simon offers a range of guitar services, from his acclaimed One Man Rock Show to his recording studio. Please take the time to explore the site and find out more about Simon’s many talents. For further information about guitar tuition, please call Simon today on 07711 252784