Testimonials – One Man Rock Show Lynda Green – “I’ve followed Si since the 90’s and he’s never, ever failed to impress. He is an all-round top bloke who I rate very highly not only because he is a genuine great guy to know, but also because he is a dedicated amazingly talented professional who works his ass off to give an excellent performance every time. One of the best ”

Annette Paskin – “I have known Simon since turning up at 1 of his gigs in the nineties and after having a brilliant night and seeing what an amazing talented guitarist he is have been going to his gigs ever since . Even now he never ceases to amaze me with his talent and I still look forward to his gigs because I know I’ll have an amazing night as always”

Wendy Jones Harper – “Simon Lees is a guaranteed quality night of entertainment. I have been to many of his gigs spanning 15 yrs and have had some of the best nights ever. Not only do you get professional musical and technical quality with individual style but you also meet some lovely people too. I have witnessed people at the beginning of the evening at a gig moaning “oh no not rock crap” ending up in awe of Simons talent and becoming fans !!!! He is both a crowd puller and crowd pleaser. So book him (preferably local to Tipton/ Sedgley) You definitely wont regret it !!!”

Jenny Borley – “Saw Si at a recent B’day party. Outstanding doesn’t come close…..we were blown away! Talented artist ”

Colin ‘Tipdog’ Tippin (Roy Wood’s Army/Roy Wood Big Band) “……one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen!”

Craig Poole – “I will gladly stick my hand up and tell any budding guitarist Simon Lees is the man to go and see.. I have always had an interest in the guitar and after watching Simon play at one of his One Man Rock Shows I was blown away.. He can shred like Satriani and he’s a thoroughly top bloke.. I’ve had a few lessons with him and he’s a great teacher. He didn’t win Guitarist Of The Year for nothing.. if your gonna learn you might as well learn from the best!!”

Dave Poulson – “My Wife and I saw Simon Lees last Saturday play Parisienne Walkways live, just listened to a live Gary Moore version of the same tune, man it was lame compared to Simon’s, no power, no passion. It just reiterates how good he is.

Ian Renshaw – “Simon’s one man rock show is the best act around here by far! Top bloke too!”

Frank Gregor – “Simon lees is a monster guitarist from Wolverhampton… A 1998 guitarist of the year the guy knows how to tear some ass… If you haven’t seen this guy play, you’re definitely missing the boat … His version of “Run to the hills ” is off the hook. Keep in mind he does it all on his own …. It’s amazing to see someone with that much talent grace the Metal-Shop Pedal Boards Facebook page … My suggestion is to go on YouTube or his website & check this guy out !

Garry Bowler (Dirty Lions) – “I think Simon is one of the best guitarists in the UK, so tape that to your whammy bar and wobble it!”

Telford Thai Boxing – “Simons music has been the soundtrack to our training for over 15 years!! Can’t wait to see his one man rock show again..”